Lisa Daftari: Defiant Iran Kiss Symbolizes World Protest

  • A photo of a couple in Iran kissing in the streets has gone viral as a unique and beautiful act of defiance at a time when the government increases its crackdown on nationwide protests.
  • The photo depicts a man and woman kissing in the street, surrounded by cars. Their faces are obscured, but the woman is wearing no headscarf – an even more open act of defiance that relates to the alleged crime that sparked the protests in the first place.
  • “There’s a reason why this photo has gone viral on social media,” Lisa Daftari, Middle East expert and editor-in-chief of The Foreign Desk, told Fox News Digital.
  • “This photo symbolizes so many aspects of the current revolution in Iran. A woman who is boldly defying hijab laws, a couple breaking strict Sharia law which forbids kissing in public, particularly if they are unmarried, and bravely standing in the middle of traffic to make their message known to the world,” she explained.
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