LIVE UPDATES: 120+ Best Black Friday Deals According To Shopping Editors

FILE - This Aug. 11, 2019 file photo shows Visa credit cards in New Orleans. Even if your credit card already earns solid ongoing rewards, there are several ways to rev up those earnings, especially amid the heavy shopping that tends to happen during the holiday season. First, look for lucrative sign-up bonuses when you open a credit card and meet a spending threshold. Beyond that, other opportunities abound — from online shopping portals you can visit to one-time offers you can add to your card as well as shopping strategies like buying gift cards. (AP Photo/Jenny Kane, File)
  • For decades, Black Friday has been a momentous shopping feast filled with in-person and long department store lines at 5:00 a.m., very much in wait to retrieve that smart TV or cookware set for less than its retail price.
  • Since then, Black Friday has evolved into a predominately online click-and-carry-to-cart event. Yes, the deals and sales are pretty much the same – if not better, because you can browse the entire catalog at a glance without the masses stampeding on you in brick-and-mortar stores (the real bonus, TBH).
  • Traditionally, Black Friday was for brick-and-mortar stores and Cyber Monday was for e-commerce,” Christian Piller, co-founder and chief commercial officer of Pollen Returns, a retail returns pickup technology platform, told the New York Post.
  • “More recently, some retailers have not opened their stores on Black Friday, so employees could spend more time with their families but offered similar deals through their websites. Now, I don’t think there’s much of a difference in terms of deals to be had given that the majority of shopping is done online.”