Livestream Cameras Watching Reno Vote Count Go Dark

  • Livestream cameras in Washoe County vote-count area went dark for 8 hours. Here’s why in Q&A.
  • Washoe County: The livestream computer application lost connection with the courtesy cameras at 11:24 p.m. the evening of Nov. 9. All staff had left for the night about 60 minutes earlier and did not arrive back at the office until 7 a.m. Connection was restored at 7:53 a.m. the morning of Nov. 10.

  • WC: The Washoe County security administrator has reviewed the building’s security cameras. According to the Washoe County security administrator, that footage shows the parking garage, the hallway between the garage, and the entry doors to the Registrar’s Office. He has affirmed that no one entered the ballot room or Registrar’s Office during the time that the courtesy livestream was down. Security and Technology Services is working to put that footage into a viewable file that can be provided to the public.