Lloyd Austin Treated For Prostate Cancer

The White House has initiated a review of Cabinet protocols governing the delegation of authority in the wake of the repercussions stemming from the undisclosed hospitalization of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, as outlined in a memo obtained by ABC News.

Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where Austin received treatment, issued a comprehensive statement detailing his medical care.

The statement revealed that Austin underwent a procedure to address early-stage prostate cancer, followed by treatment for a urinary tract infection that resulted in severe intestinal complications.

The news comes as House Republican Matt Rosendale of Montana announced on Monday his intention to introduce an impeachment resolution against Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

This move stems from Austin’s failure to promptly inform the White House and Congress about his hospitalization for several days, as well as concerns related to the 2021 withdrawal from Afghanistan and the incident involving a Chinese spy balloon in the previous year.