Locals Incensed Migrants Being Sent To Live In Elementary School Gyms In NYC

Honduran migrants clash with Guatemalan soldiers in Vado Hondo, Guatemala, Sunday, Jan. 17, 2021. Guatemalan authorities estimated that as many as 9,000 Honduran migrants crossed into Guatemala as part of an effort to form a new caravan to reach the U.S. border. (AP Photo/Sandra Sebastian)
  • New York City Mayor Eric Adams and city leaders are facing outrage from residents for their decision to place migrants in several public schools.
  • Lakeisha Bowers, whose son graduated from a Brooklyn school now housing migrants, and NYC council member Ari Kagan (R) joined “Fox & Friends” Tuesday to explain why community members are up in arms.
  • “It is not a hotel, it’s not a shelter. It is a school gym. So the children of Coney Island should not pay for the misguided policies of the Biden administration,” said Kagan.