Manchin Keeps ‘Em Guessin’ On 2024 Presidential Bid

West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Machin in the past week day has made two public remarks that seem to obscure more than clarify his 2024, whether to run for reelection or president.

  • Manchin said Sunday on a Fox News channel  that remarks made last week about him not running for president were made “in jest.”
  • “I’m not running for president of the United States. I can assure you of that as we sit here today,” Manchin said on a local radio interview.
  • The moderate Democrat, whom some think might run his next race as a Republican, seemed Sunday to backtrack about what he said earlier, saying, “Well, the bottom line is, that was in jest. We were talking back and forth, a dear friend of mine, Hoppy Kercheval. We talked. And he said, this minute, this time, this and this.”