Man Executed For Murdering Sailor To Be Removed From Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery, Jeff Guthridge via Flickr
  • Arlington National Cemetery will disinter the remains of former Navy Lt. Andrew Chabrol, who was executed in 1993 after he kidnapped, raped and murdered a female sailor who rebuffed his advances.
  • Chabrol had completed his service honorably, so at the time, the Navy did not have the grounds to legally exclude him from being buried in Arlington.
  • The 2023 National Defense Authorization Act, passed in December 2022, included a provision from outgoing Rep. Jackie Speier that requires the Army secretary to disinter Chabrol from Arlington by Sept. 30 and have his remains transferred to his next-of-kin or dispose of his remains as appropriate if no one responds to the Army’s request.
  • “It was appalling to me to think that an officer in the Navy could sexually harass, then kidnap, then rape, and then murder a sailor and get buried at a national cemetery, which is supposed to honor our war heroes and our dead,” Speier said in June 2022. “So he has no place in that cemetery.”