Man Turns Himself BLUE After Taking Colloidal Silver Supplements For Years

  • Paul Karason, who suffered from a range of conditions including dermatitis, consumed a silver compound mix in an effort to stop his skin from flaking.
  • According to an episode of Inside Edition from 2008, the Washington native also started rubbing the mixture onto his skin, causing him to experience argyria – a rare medical syndrome caused by silver poisoning from dietary supplements.
  • Paul, who became known as ‘Blue Man’ and ‘Papa Smurf’ as a result of his blue-tinged skin, started drinking the homemade silver colloidal mixture after reading an advert in a new age magazine which said it could promote health and rejuvenation – claims which are unsubstantiated.
  • The mixture which features tiny silver ions and nanoparticles suspended in liquid, caused Paul’s skin to change colour completely – something he said he didn’t notice until a friend pointed it out to him.
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