Manhattan DA Has No Authority To Enforce Election Laws: Ex-FEC Commish

Former President Donald Trump leaves Trump Tower in New York on Tuesday, April 4, 2023. Trump will surrender in Manhattan on Tuesday to face criminal charges stemming from 2016 hush money payments. (AP Photo/Bryan Woolston)
  • Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case against former President Donald Trump is legally “dubious” and motivated by political ambition, alleges legal expert Hans von Spakovsky.
  • “It’s an extremely dubious prosecution, and I say that as a former commissioner on the Federal Election Commission,” he told Just The News.

    Von Spakovsky, the manager of the conservative Heritage Foundation’s Election Law Reform Initiative, said Bragg is going after Trump for alleged federal election crimes that are not within his jurisdiction.

    “No local state prosecutor has the authority to enforce federal campaign finance crimes in the first place,” he explained. “There’s just nothing from a factual and legal standpoint to this case. But I don’t think this prosecutor cares about that. What he’s counting on is that he’s in Manhattan. Manhattan is one of the most liberal jurisdictions in the country. I think he believes that he can get a liberal jury to convict Trump, no matter what the facts are and no matter what the law is.”