Mark Levin: Country Losing Faith In The Law

  • Mark Levin: ‘When the People Lose Faith in the Law, the Country’s Done.’
  • “And let me tell you something, when the people lose faith in the law, the country’s done. The people are losing faith in the law because the Democrat Party, Democrat prosecutors in Manhattan, a Soros prosecutor, wants them to lose faith in the law.
  • “Their whole goal is to destroy the civil society and the morality that undergirds it. That is the mission of the Democrat Party.
  • “How many times have they gone after this man Donald Trump? What exactly has he done to deserve this? Why are they studying his life like they are studying an archaeological site? Why are they looking for novel legal theories to go after the man? Why are they trying to turn a law upside down, which is what they’re trying to do, where they have to jump through the hoops in Manhattan?”
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