Matt Walsh Slams Leftist Media For Trying To Ignore Colorado Shooter Identifying As Non-Binary

  • “Now you and I, Tucker, we’re allowed to say that this mass shooter who calls himself ‘non-binary,’ we’re allowed to say, ‘that’s nonsense. Non-binary isn’t even a thing, you can’t even be that,’” Walsh continued.
  • “But on the Left, they’ve made it clear that the only evidence that needs to be provided in order to prove that someone is non-binary is they say it. And what they’ve also told us repeatedly is that the idea that somebody would adopt one of these identities in a self-serving way, like for example, a convicted male felon who’s in prison who all of a sudden discovers his inner female identity. To speculate that maybe he’s doing that so that he could have access to female inmates in women’s prisons, we’re told that, ‘no, you can’t speculate, that’s an awful thing to suggest.’”
  • “So that’s them [the Left] saying that, which means they’re stuck with this. As far as they’re concerned, this person is nonbinary. Now, what is he actually? I don’t know, I think it’s pretty clear he’s just a crazy guy. That’s what actually happened,” Walsh said.
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