McCarthy Passes On Zelensky’s Invite To Ukraine

  • House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) indicated that he has no immediate plans to visit Ukraine after receiving an invite from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.
  • Zelensky welcomed McCarthy to visit the war-torn nation half a world away as other members of Congress have done, suggesting that it would help inform his political positions on Ukraine. In response to news of the invite, McCarthy reaffirmed that he is opposed to handing Ukraine a “blank check.”
  • “He has to come here to see how we work, what’s happening here, what war caused us, which people are fighting now, who are fighting now, and then, after that, make your assumptions,” Zelensky said to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in an interview. “I think that Speaker McCarthy, he never visited Kyiv or Ukraine, and I think it would help him with his position.”
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