Media Matters Takes Big Swing At Tucker Carlson, Whiffs Badly

  • Far-Left Media Matters attempted to discredit former Fox News star Tucker Carlson with leaked tapes of him in the studio, but it did not go as planned.
  • The footage, posted by senior fellow Matthew Gertz, showed Carlson jokingly calling a woman “yummy,” joking about sex with Piers Morgan and joking about his “postmenopausal fans” judging his on-screen appearance. As it turns out, the outlet failed to do Carlson much damage.
  • One representative reply came from City Journal writer Christopher Rufo: “Thank you for confirming that Tucker is a normal, down-to-earth, very funny person. Great work, as always, Media Matters, curating excellent conservative content.”
  • Others had similar responses to the failed hit job.