Meet The LA Dodgers’ ‘Nuns,’ The Sisters Of The Perpetual Indulgence

Who are

  • Who are the “Sisters of the Perpetual Indulgence”?
  • They are the trans group reinvited to a pride night hosted by the Los Angeles Dodgers.
  • In her book profiling the transvestite group, titled Queer Nuns, author Melissa Wilcox described its members as “a congregation blessed by a dildo dipped in poppers,” or drugs that produce chemical vapors inhaled by homosexuals for their “mind-altering effects” and that “cause a euphoria that can reduce inhibitions, increase sexual drive, and intensify the sensations of orgasm,” according to the National Institutes of Health.
  • Wilcox also described “yogurt-filled chalices offered at a funeral to represent the intake of semen” and a “Condom Savior Mass” where “participants vow to use protection.”
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