Megyn Kelly: Barbara Walters A Media ‘Trailblazer,’ But A Rotten Mom

  • Former Fox News star Megyn Kelly had decidedly mixed praise for the late Barbara Walters, who died Dec. 30.
  • Kelly called Walters a journalism “trailblazer,” adding that “all of us who have come in her wake owe her a debt of gratitude on that front.”
  • But Kelly said she was disturbed by Walters’ own description of her mothering habits, as described in her 2008 memoir “Audition.”
  • “I actually read that book cover to cover. I read every word in it. And I was deeply disturbed by what I saw,” Kelly said. “What I saw was an incredible person professionally. And I would never take one moment of that away from her. But a woman who completely fell down on the job when it came to her mothering.”