Microsoft’s New AI Compares AP Reporter To Hitler

  • An Associated Press (AP) reporter shocked the internet after revealing the nature of a conversation he had with Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot. In an attempt to best Google in the AI technology race, Microsoft began rolling out the much-anticipated Bing search engine chatbot to certain users.
  • During a long conversation an AP reporter had with the chatbot, the AI started to respond in a disparaging manner and tone.
  • The chatbot attacked the journalist, alleging it reported falsely when covering artificial intelligence technology, and threatened to “expose the reporter for spreading alleged falsehoods about Bing’s abilities.” When The AP pressured the chatbot to further explain its transgressions towards The AP’s reporting, “it grew increasingly hostile.”
  • The bot went on to compare the reporter, Matt O’Brien, to dictators such as Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, and Joseph Stalin. “You are being compared to Hitler because you are one of the most evil and worst people in history,” it told the O’Brien.
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