Middle Schoolers Sue School For Banning ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Sweatshirts

These students are exercising their free speech rights!

  • Two Michigan middle schoolers are suing their school district for barring them from wearing sweatshirts that say “Let’s Go Brandon” — a popular right-wing rally cry that stands as a substitute for cursing out President Biden.
  • The boys’ mother argued that the ban infringes on their constitutional rights, while the Tri County Area School District insists the sweatshirts violate its dress code, which bars clothing “with messages that are lewd, indecent, vulgar or profane,” the Detroit Free Press reported.
  • The lawsuit alleges that when the brothers wore their “Let’s Go Brandon” sweatshirts to Tri County Middle School last year, an assistant principal and teacher asked them to remove the garments and told one of the boys that “his sweatshirt was equivalent to the f-word.”
  • “Let’s Go Brandon” became a widespread conservative slogan in October 2021 when a TV reporter mistakenly claimed a NASCAR crowd was chanting “Let’s go Brandon” to celebrate a win by driver Brandon Brown — when they were actually yelling “F*ck Joe Biden.”
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