Migrant Crossings In First 4 Months Of Year Surpass Population Of 6 States

The number of individuals who have entered the United States illegally through the southern border in the first four months of this year surpasses the populations of Delaware, along with five other states.

According to data analyzed by The Center Square, a minimum of 1,047,528 people have either been apprehended or reported evading capture during this period. This figure exceeds the estimated populations of Delaware (1,031,985), South Dakota (923,484), North Dakota (780,588), Alaska (732,294), Vermont (647,156), and Wyoming (583,279).

The magnitude of these numbers becomes evident when comparing them to the populations of major U.S. cities. The figure exceeds the population of 290 out of the 300 largest cities in the country, even surpassing the population of Austin, Texas, currently the 10th largest city.

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