Migrants Bused To Chicago Sleeping In Police Stations

U.S. Border Patrol agents move through a crowd of migrants that have waited between two border walls for days to apply for asylum, as they decide who to take next to processing Friday, May 12, 2023, in San Diego. Hundreds of migrants remain waiting between the two walls, many for days. The U.S. entered a new immigration enforcement era Friday, ending a three-year-old asylum restriction and enacting a set of strict new rules that the Biden administration hopes will stabilize the U.S.-Mexico border and push migrants to apply for protections where they are, skipping the dangerous journey north. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

Chicago’s homeless shelter system is facing challenges in accommodating the influx of migrants, as Texas authorities expand their policy of transporting migrants to other states.

A report by Reuters reveals that the limited availability of shelter space is forcing some migrants to seek temporary refuge in police stations.

The migrants arriving in Chicago include individuals seeking asylum who have undergone processing by U.S. border officials and have been released into the country’s interior while awaiting the resolution of their asylum claims. The increased number of arrivals has put a strain on the city’s existing shelter resources, leading to a scarcity of vacancies.