Forced To Barricade For Hours, Wait For Police - "It’s time to come together and demand a world where no one has to say #MeToo. We’re calling on our federal government and our local government to believe survivors and pass legislation to address sexual violence using a public health approach that doesn’t increase criminalization and works to build consent culture. All bodies, genders, sexualities, and expressions are welcome." #werkforconsent , see also
  • Swimmer Riley Gaines says she was “ambushed and physically hit” and forced to barricade for three hours from a mob of trans-rights protesters who stormed her speech about protecting women’s sports.
  • The 12-time All-American champ — a former competitor of controversial trans swimmer Lia Thomas -— shared alarming footage of cops hustling her to safety late Thursday at San Francisco State University.
  • “Why are you running!” one of the protesters yells gleefully — before a short-haired activist jumps in front of her to scream abuse.
  • “Yeah you f—ing transphobic bitch — I f–ing see you!” the deranged-sounding activist screams as Gaines tries to escape down a hallway.