MSNBC Guest Compares US to Iran, Afghanistan

MSNBC guest Lauren Leader attempts to equate abortion rights in the U.S. to Iranian women being killed

  • MSNBC guest Lauren Leader compared the U.S. to Iran and Afghanistan, claiming America is just as “repressive” toward women.
  • “In this time where so many Americans are concerned about the strength and durability of our democracy, that we have to understand that these things go together, that the enfranchisement of all Americans, people of color, but women who are the majority of all backgrounds, that their full and equal participation at every level of our political process, that is the most fundamental building block of a stable and enduring democracy,” Leader said on Monday. “We see it in Iran, we know it to be true in Afghanistan and everywhere around the world where women’s rights have been repressed.”
  • “Those are the most repressive regimes for democracy for all, and that is true here too,” she added.
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