Rupert Murdoch Admits Fox News Hosts ‘Endorsed’ False Election Claims

Fox News Honcho

  • The revelations about what News Corps’ top executive said were in documents unseal Monday in a lawsuit against Fox News.
  • The documents are part of a lawsuit against Fox by the voting machine maker Dominion.
  • Murdoch said in testimony released in the court documents that Fox News was “trying to straddle the line between spewing conspiracy theories on one hand, yet calling out the fact that they are actually false on the other.”
  • Murdoch also acknowledged in testimony that some of of the cable TV news network hosts including Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs and Maria Bartiromo went beyond giving a platform to baseless claims of voter fraud.
  • “Yes, they endorsed, ” Murdoch also said, according to the documents obtained by NBC News and other news outlets.