Musk’s Plan To Solve Fentanyl Crisis: ‘Legalize It’

Libertarian-Minded Musk's Solution To Fentanyl Crisis Gets Mixed React

Dublin, Wednesday 31th October 2013: Pictured at the The Web Summit 2013, RDS. Photo by Dan Taylor/Heisenberg Media
  • Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk said Monday proposed making fentanyl legal, as possible solution to slow or stop the large number of drug overdoes to which it has been linked.
  • Musk, the CEO of Twitter, made the comment in response to a tweet that includes an image a woman who seems to be saying, “Most fentanyl sellers… are trying to survive under the same destructive, racist system that replaced opium with morphine, then heroine, then fentanyl: the War on Drugs.”
  • The libertarian-minded Musk replied: “I think we should legalize it. The probability of overdose or a bad batch is greatly reduced if there is actual [Quality Assurance] & regulation.”
  • Musk then used the failed 1920’s prohibition on alcohol as justification for ending the so-called war on drugs, calling alcohol “a legacy drug from olden times when we had no technology!”
  • One user responded that he “used to” agree with ending the drug war, but cited San Fransisco, California, as evidence that such an experiment has already failed.
  • “The best test case we have for this is San Francisco – where all drugs are functionally legal,” he wrote. “Look at where that’s gotten us.”