Neera Tanden, Whose ‘Vicious’ Tweets Cost Her OMB Appointment, Top Pick To Replace Rice

  • Among those being considered to replacement Susan Rice, who resigned Monday as President Biden’s top domestic adviser, is Neera Tanden, according to several news reports.
  • One former administration official told Politico that White House aides were talking openly over the weekend about Tanden’s consideration for Rice’s job, calling her potential appointment “pretty damn firm.”
  • Tanden withdrew her nomination to run the Office of Management and Budget when it became clear she didn’t have the Senate votes for her confirmation, largely over her past comments about members from both parties.
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Vermont independent, accused her of making “vicious attacks” against progressives.
  • Tanden deleted hundreds of tweets, many of which were critical of Republicans, and apologized during a confirmation  hearing to “people on either the left or right who are hurt by what I’ve said.”