NEW: Is This The Monologue That Got Tucker Fired From Fox News?

  • Emerald Robinson, an independent journalist who has had stints as White House correspondent for Newsmax and One American News, says she has the scoop. In an exclusive post Thursday on her Substack, Robinson claims the following is the (abridged) text of what Tucker was going to say.
  • He starts by pillorying Rep. Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) and former Press Secretary Jen Psaki, both of who have repeatedly called for Carlson to be canceled.
  • What really might have bent Murdoch’s nose out of shape is when Tucker talked about Ray Epps, a man who was filmed at the Jan. 6 riots apparently egging on the crowd but has inexplicably not suffered the wrath of the corrupt Department of Justice as have so many other J6 participants.
  • Tucker wondered what AOC would say about Ray Epps. He pointed out that Epps was caught on camera encouraging protestors to breach the capitol.
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