New York Post: Meander-In-Chief Embarrasses America On World Stage

President Biden started to wander off during a skydiving demonstration at the G7 summit in southern Italy Thursday, with the host nation’s prime minister Giorgia Meloni pressed into action to pull him back toward the group.

As the leaders of the world’s wealthiest democracies applauded the evening parachuting presentation, the 81-year-old US president’s attention visibly wandered away from where the others were looking.

Biden appeared to miss the action happening right in front of him as he shuffled a few steps away from his fellow heads of government, turned the other way and appeared to say something to an officer packing a parachute.

At that point, Meloni walked over to Biden — doing so backwards so she was still facing her fellow leaders — and touched the president’s right arm to let him know it was time to rejoin the group.

The rest of the leaders then awkwardly gathered around Biden for a photograph, for which the president slipped on his signature aviator sunglasses.

The odd moment was highlighted by the Republican National Committee’s RNC Research X account, which posted the video along with the all-caps inquiry: “WHAT IS BIDEN DOING?”

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