NEWT GINGRICH: Vote Your 401k

  •  I urge all Americans to look at their 401ks before they vote next month. The disaster Joe Biden and the Democrats have caused will shock you.
  • Heritage Foundation economists Stephen Moore and E.J. Antoni, have run the numbers on the Biden-Democrat economic disaster – and translated it into individual earnings and savings.
  • Moore and Antoni found the Democrats’ inflation rate has cost the average American family $6,000 in purchasing power since Biden took office.
  • The cost of inflation gets even worse when you factor the Federal Reserves’ relentless interest rate increases. They calculated that 401(k) plans have taken a $2.1 trillion hit since the start of 2022. The average plan started with $135,000 and now has $101,000. That is an average $34,000 loss (or 25 percent decrease) in less than a year. Inflation has also shrunk the purchasing power of the average plan by another $5,000, according to Moore and Antoni.
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