NFL Films ‘Maintained Database Of Cheerleaders’ Buttocks, Breasts’

  • NFL Films, the official production arm of the National Football League, was flagged for keeping an extensive database of raunchy footage that lingered on cheerleaders’ breasts and buttocks, according to a bombshell lawsuit.
  • Victoria Russell, a human resources employee fired by NFL Films last year, revealed the “sexualized and offensive descriptions of women” in a discrimination lawsuit against the NFL in New Jersey in January, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.
  • The suit alleges NFL Films — which bolstered the league’s popularity with famed phrases like the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field — used timestamps to catalogue clips that included “cheerleaders buttocks, cheerleaders rear end, female fan in bikini top, naughty camera work, close up of cheerleader’s breasts, cleavage shot and shot of endowed woman.”
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