Nintendo Faces Loot Box ‘Gambling’ Lawsuit

  • In-game monetization could tarnish Nintendo’s squeaky-clean image d fresh off the billion-dollar success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie. The company faces a potential class-action lawsuit alleging predatory and “immoral” in-game monetization for its mobile game Mario Kart Tour.
  • A teenager and their disgruntled parent filed the suit, demanding refunds for all minors who purchased “Spotlight Pipe” loot boxes. The game featured these loot boxes, often likened to slot machines and gambling, until October 2022.
  • Courts in the U.S. have yet to determine whether loot boxes are gambling on a legal basis. However, a 2021 study showed a “clear correlation” between the monetization method and problem gambling. With that said, are video game companies trying to get your child addicted to gambling?