Daniel Perry Says Subway Actions ‘Nothing To Do With Race’

Daniel Penny Talks About Death Of Jordan Neely, Says Suggestion He's A 'White Supremacist' Is 'Comical'

Daniel Penny arraignment, charged with manslaughter of Jordan Neely in Subway chokehold incident. (Youtube screenshot)
  • Ex-Marine Daniel Penny insisted to The Post Saturday that the chokehold killing of Jordan Neely had nothing to do with race — and everything to do with a broken system “that so desperately failed us.”
  • In his first public comments since the caught-on-video May 1 tragedy on an F train, Penny was both soft-spoken and stoic about being at the center of a political and racial firestorm, as he faces criminal charges that could send him to prison for up to 15 years.
  • “This had nothing to do with race,” said Penny, 24, sitting under a gazebo at Argyle Park in Babylon, not far from the Long Island beaches where he grew up surfing.