NUTS: Putin Says ‘Anglo Saxons’ Blew Up Nord Stream Pipeline

  • Vladimir Putin accused the United States of creating a nuclear weapons ‘precedent’ by bombing Japan at the end of the second World War in an unhinged speech calling the West ‘satanists’ and accusing ‘Anglo Saxons’ of blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines.
  • The Russian despot ranted about sex-change operations, claimed America is occupying Germany and Korea and vowed to ‘smash’ the West in the disturbing remarks as he announced the annexation of four regions in Ukraine.
  • Putin even made the outlandish claim that the U.S. is occupying Germany in downplaying the relationship between the two nations.
  • ‘Germany is still their vassal, but the United States is still calling them an ‘equal ally’. This is a real shame,’ the Russian leader said.
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