NYC Vending Machine Offers Free Crack Pipes, Narcan To Residents

NYC has decided to subsidize drug use!

  • New York City installed a vending machine that dispenses free crack pipes, fentanyl test strips, Narcan (an overdose reversal drug) and condoms.
  • Public health officials unveiled the machine on Monday in Brooklyn at 1676 Broadway, ABC7 New York reported. Less than 24 hours after its installation the machine was empty, according to the New York Post.
  • The machine cost the city $11,000 to install, and it also offers residents free COVID-19 testing, feminine sanitation products, hygiene kits, Vitamin C, and first aid kits. Residents must simply enter their zip code to gain access.
  • The vending machine is part of the city’s effort to reduce overdose deaths by 15% by 2025, according to a health department press release.