NYT Columnist Calls Drew Barrymore Disrespectful For Calling Kamala ‘Momala’

Vice President Kamala Harris speaks on reproductive freedom at Howard University on Tuesday, April 25, 2023, in Washington. (AP Photo/Nathan Howard)

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich discuss how unpopular VP Kamala Harris is with voters on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

New York Times columnist Charles Blow called out talk show host Drew Barrymore in a column on Thursday and argued she disrespected Vice President Harris in her recent interview by calling her “Momala.”

During Barrymore’s interview with the Vice President, the talk show host said, “We need you to be Momala of the country.” Harris said her stepchildren refer to her as “Momala,” and the audience cheered after Barrymore’s comments.

While Blow acknowledged he didn’t think Barrymore meant any harm, he wrote, “even gentle and oblivious stereotyping can be harmful, and it’s important that we explore why this comment, which may seem innocuous to some, is offensive to others.”

The New York Times columnist accused Barrymore of disrespecting Harris during her praise of the vice president. While Barrymore held Harris in high regard, she did so “with a historical blindness,” Blow wrote.

Blow pointed to several stereotypes Black women face, and said “in this case, the stereotype at play is that of the mammy — the caretaker, the bosom in which all can rest, the apron on which we have a right to hang.”

He argued that Harris, even when she shares anecdotes from her private life, deserved a separation between that and her political obligations.

“That she would be called upon to comfort and nurture the country, rather than dutifully represent it, is demeaning and holds Black women captive to historical mythologies,” he continued.

Blow asserted that the U.S. needed Harris to serve her administration like “every White man before her,” and concluded that Black women should not be burdened with “comforting the country in this moment of crisis.”

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