NYT Scribe: Brazil Trump’s Fault

  • A New York Times reporter blamed former President Donald Trump during a Monday MSNBC appearance for the Sunday riot in Brazil after supporters of former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro stormed various federal buildings.
  • “Bolsonaro has been called repeatedly the Trump of Latin America, and I think that is, you know, one of the worries that a lot of people in the United States have had about what happened on January 6th, what happened in terms of this effort to overturn the American election, because it then encourages actions around the world, in countries with democratic traditions that aren’t even as strong as ours,” New York Times reporter Peter Baker told host Katy Tur. “When they look and see what happens here, it looks like something that could be a plausible route forward in your own country, and I think that’s … the concern people had for really the four years that Trump was in office, that the democratic norms that he was so willing to bust, to sideline, to get around, would then encourage … like-minded people around the world to do the same.”