‘Obssessed With Fame’: Candace Owens Nuked By Conservative Org That Championed Her

  • Political pundit Candace Owens is locked in a battle with outspoken conservative Ben Shapiro.
  • Owens, who works at The Daily Wire — the site owned by Shapiro — voiced her opinion about the Middle East.
  • Shapiro took issue, going so far as to suggest maybe she quit the Wire.

The David Horowitz Freedom Center, a well-known conservative organization that played a significant role in launching Candace Owens’s political career, recently issued a remarkable statement distancing itself from her.

Opening the statement, the center acknowledged its previous invitation to Owens six years ago to the annual Restoration Weekend gathering of influential conservatives. Owens herself had previously credited the conference as the starting point of her political journey. “I began my career on YouTube, creating humorous and satirical videos. Out of the blue, I received an email from David Horowitz inviting me to this conference. I cannot overstate what a monumental moment it was for me. At the time, I had no connections whatsoever,” Owens explained.

However, it’s apparent that the organization now regrets its contribution to Owens’s rise to fame. Expressing evident disappointment, the center acknowledged its ongoing promotion of Owens, including honoring her with the prestigious Annie Taylor Award for Courage in 2018, and inviting her to various events.

Nevertheless, the statement proceeds to criticize Owens for her baseless assertions, such as falsely claiming that Israel is engaging in genocide in the Gaza Strip and enforcing discriminatory practices akin to Jim Crow segregation in Jerusalem. The center contended that such rhetoric is more common among groups like Hamas, Black Lives Matter, and The New York Times than from someone they once supported.

In conclusion, the statement from the David Horowitz Freedom Center serves as a stark departure from their previous support of Owens and serves to denounce her controversial viewpoints on Israel and race-related issues.

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