Off The Press | Today’s News Minute April 24, 2023 – Bad Luck Jill!

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Infamous January 6 protester Ray Epps got the 60 Minutes treatment Sunday and all it did was fan the claims that he was an anti-Trump agitator. Epps said he egged rioters on. But how is it that he hasn’t been charged when 1,000 others have?

Democratic pollster John Zogby says that President Biden has yet to sell his base that a second term is a good idea.

Over the weekend white descendants of Robert E. Lee held hands with black relatives of his slaves to demand that the Lee name be removed from Arlington House, the grand structure that overlooks Arlington Cemetery.

And first lady Jill Biden got crushed as bad luck for Philadelphia sports teams from the great Philly himself, Lenny Dykstra. He hopes she stays away from the 76ers who are making a championship run.


Ray Epps: ‘I Was There’

Pollster John Zogby: Biden Supporters ‘Just Not There’ For Prez

White Descendants Join Blacks To Demand Robert E. Lee’s Name Removed From Home

‘Doctor’ Jill Biden Ripped As Bad Medicine For Philadelphia Sports Teams

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