Off The Press | Today’s News Minute April 27, 2023 – McCarthy Wins Again!

Here are some of the headlines we are featuring today - April 27, 2023 from your favorite news outlets

Kevin McCarthy scored the biggest win of his new House speakership with the passage of a debt ceiling package, 217-215. It would raise the ceiling but only in exchange for big spending cuts and the death of many Biden agenda items.

Tucker Carlson is already planning a comeback and former Fox host Bill O’Reilly said he should follow the Joe Rogan model to cash in. In fact, he said Fox did Carlson a favor in firing him.

It looks like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will be joining the Republican primary race next month. Reports suggest that he will set up a presidential exploratory committee in mid-May.

And President Biden held his second State Dinner last night, this one for South Korea. He invited a ton of stars, including Angelina Jolie. We’ve got some great video up of the event.


Debt Bill, Spending Cut, A Huge Victory For New Speaker McCarthy

Tucker Carlson Breaks Silence: Calls TV Stupid And Suggests He’s Ready For New Platform

Bill O’Reilly: Tucker Won

Ron DeSantis To Get Into Race Next Month, PAC Already Promoting

Angelina Jolie, Baseball’s Chan Ho Park Headline Biden State Dinner

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