Off The Press | Today’s News Minute April 28, 2023 – Vivek is Rising!

Here are some of the headlines we are featuring today - April 28, 2023 from your favorite news outlets

Ohio businessman Vivek Ramaswamy is certainly a long-shot to win the Republican presidential nomination, but he is starting to show life in the polls. What’s more, he’s laid out an attractive platform that is one part Trump, one part MAGA and one part America First.

Former President Barack Obama is working on trailers for his Netflix series on what it’s like to go to work for blue collar employees.

The first day of the NFL draft was all about quarterbacks. But the biggest quarterback news was the signing — finally — of Baltimore’s Lamar Jackson. He is now the highest paid player in the league and he’s staying in Charm City.

And we finally have an answer to whether Balto, the famous hound who is the inspiration for Alaska’s Iditarod, was a wolf or a dog.


Trump 2.0

Barack Obama Investigates What It’s Like To Work For Netflix Series

Baltimore Ravens Give QB Lamar Jackson What He Wants: Highest Paid Player, $260M

Iditarod Inspiration Balto Really Was A ‘Damn Fine DOG’

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