Off The Press | Today’s News Minute April 3, 2023 – Trump More Charges Coming!

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Former President Trump is headed to New York today to face the music at his Tuesday criminal booking. But that’s not the only trouble coming at him. The prosecutor in the lost classified documents probe also wants to charge the former president, adding to his woes.

President Biden can’t stop giving Ukraine your tax dollars. Word is that he plans to dish another $2.6 billion this week into the stalemated war.

It appears that President Biden won’t be attending the coronation of King Charles. The British press is blaming Biden’s age. Apparently aides have said he’s too old to travel so much.

And Colin Kaepernick is dissing his adoptive white parents again. In a new interview, he doubled down on his charge that his mom perpetuated racism because she once called his corn row hair style thuggish.


Biden Justice Department Wants Charges Against Trump In Documents Case

More Money For Ukraine

Biden Snubs Coronation Of King Charles, Aides Say He’s Too Old To Travel

Colin Kaepernick Is Pathetic, Hits Adoptive Parents For ‘Perpetuating Racism’

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