Off The Press | Today’s News Minute March 15, 2023 – Another Bank Down?!

  • The derailment crisis in Ohio just gets worse. Governor Mike DeWine is pleading to the EPA for more places to dump chemical contaminated soil from East Palestine. The problem is some states are refusing to take the dirt after it showed up without any warning.
  • The banking disaster has gone international. Today Credit Suisse was roped in, sending its stock into a tailspin and threatening the US system further.
  • San Francisco is considering a reparations program that could pay up to $5 million to every eligible black in the city. And it wouldn’t end there. One plan would also provide a guaranteed income and practically free housing.
  • And in a first, all three of the top winners of the famed Iditarod Dog Race are native Alaskan, making this year pretty special.


Ohio Gov. DeWine Pleads For Helping In Dumping Contaminated Soil

Dow Futures Down 500 As Credit Suisse Crashes In New Bank Scare

Some Serious Payback

Alaskans Go 1-2-3 In Rare All-State Iditarod Finish

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