Off The Press | Today’s News Minute May 17, 2023 – Whistleblower Blowback!

Here are some of the headlines we are featuring today - May 17, 2023 from your favorite news outlets

Reprisals against IRS and FBI whistleblowers have raised questions as whether the Biden Administration is attacking federal employees who report wrongdoing or challenge the administration’s official narrative.


The Durham Report blew up the Russia-gate narrative once and for all, but The Washington Post and New York Times, which won Pulitzers for stories that now have been debunked, have no plans to return those awards. 


A new study found that Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA vaccines had zero impact on the mortality rate, while the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which did not use mRNA technology, had a favorable impact on mortality rate.


And Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, who was endorsed by Donald Trump, won Tuesday’s GOP primary for governor and will face Democratic incumbent Andy Beshear in November.


Whistleblower Reprisals Point To Weaponization Of Govt

We Stand By Our Lies

Pfizer, Moderna Vaccines Had Zero Impact On Mortality Rate: Study

Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron Wins GOP Gubernatorial Nomination