Ohio’s Ryan Says His Democrats’ Brand Is ‘Toxic’

  • Former Ohio Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan, who lost his Senate bid against Republican J.D. Vance in November, called the Democratic Party’s brand “toxic” Friday during a discussion on “Real Time with Bill Maher.”
  • “The Democratic brand, in so many areas of the country, is toxic,” Ryan told host Bill Maher. “There is a woman who ran for Supreme Court in Ohio, sitting Supreme Court justice. Two years ago, she ran and won, got on the court, you didn’t have to put a D or R by your name. There’s a county in southern Ohio, she got 51%.”
  • “Two years later, Republicans changed the law, you had to put a D or R behind your name. Same woman, same court, same message, same candidate. [She l]ost, and in that county got 31% instead of the 51% she got when it was just, ‘Do I like that candidate?’”
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