Oklahoma Superintendent Overhauls Curriculum To Emphasize American Exceptionalism

Oklahoma’s top education official is overhauling the state’s social studies curriculum to emphasize American exceptionalism to combat what he says is left-wing messaging that teaches children to “hate America.”

In a document obtained by the Washington Examiner, Oklahoma Superintendent of Public Instruction Ryan Walters announced a “complete overhaul” to the curriculum with the goal to “inspire in students a love of country and a proper understanding of the American founding,” as well as completely eliminate diversity, equity, and inclusion ideology from schools.

“Teacher’s unions have been rewriting history, teaching students to hate America. But not under my watch,” Walters told the Washington Examiner. “Our goal is to give Oklahoma students an education that focuses on history, not indoctrination. The executive committee that we’ve assembled are experts in American exceptionalism, our Founding Fathers, and historical documents like the Bible. These things are essential to understanding our history.”

Walters made headlines last month when, in the face of an Oklahoma Supreme Court decision blocking the public funding of a religious charter school, he directed all school districts to begin incorporating the Bible into the curriculum.

The new social studies standards will incorporate a classical learning model, teach about inspiring leaders in American history, and incorporate the Bible as a foundational resource for Western civilization.

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