One Pulitzer Prize Later, Media Still Unwilling To Admit Russiagate Failure

  • Major media outlets that played a large role in pushing the Trump-Russia collusion narrative during the 2016 election have been hesitant to own up to conflicts of interest and misleading coverage after the story collapsed, according to the Columbia Journalism Review.
  • In 2022, the media received one of the lowest credibility ratings at 26%; in 2021, 83% of Americans stated that they believe “fake news” is a serious problem that needs addressing, one such example being the Russia-Trump collusion story, according to CJR. Seven years later, outlets including the New York Times and the Washington Post are still reluctant to fully acknowledge their role in pushing “misleading” and sometimes false information to further the idea that Trump was in bed with the Russians.
  • “We approached this line of coverage with care and a great sense of responsibility,” the Post told CJR. “On the few occasions in which new information emerged that caused us to reexamine past reporting, we did so forthrightly.”