Open Border: 18 AGs Call On Biden To Classify Illicit Fentanyl As WMD

Some 18 Attorneys general are officially urging President Joe Biden to classify illicit fentanyl as a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) as the southern border remains effectively open


  • President Biden has refused to close the border as drugs and illegals pour into America
  • Border Patrol from fiscal 2021, 2022 have has confiscated enough fentanyl at southern border to kill nearly 5 billion people, TCS reported
  • “I first called for President Biden to take swift action in July and call fentanyl what it is – a weapon of mass destruction,” Florida AG Moody said. “Now, I am leading a bipartisan coalition of 18 attorneys general demanding the president take action now, declare fentanyl a WMD and join us in our fight to prevent the death and destruction caused by this highly-lethal substance from getting even worse.”
  • Notably, Republican governors have started bussing and flying illegals into blue cities


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