Panama Court Caves To Enviros, Closes Copper Mine, Nixes Thousands Of Jobs

  • The Panamanian government is closing one of the country’s copper mines amid pressure from environmentalist activists who argued it threatened water supplies and complained it was being operated by foreigners.
  • Cobre Panamá was fully operational with a processing plant, a port, and two open pits, was regarded as one of the region’s largest copper mines.
  • It began producing copper four years ago, providing an estimated 1% of the world’s copper supply, contributed, for 3.5% of Panama’s GDP in 2021, provided 8,000 “direct” jobs and will potentially result in the termination of tens of thousands of “indirect” jobs.
  • Since its opening in 2019, activists declared war on the mine, arguing it was harming the Panamanian jungle and its water supply.