Parents Outraged After ‘American Girl’ Book Pushes Trans Agenda To Teen Girls

Even American Girl isn't safe from the gender cult!

  • Parents are outraged after a new American Girl branded book delves into “gender expression” and promotes medical intervention to give young girls “more time” to think about their gender identity.
  • The A Smart Girl’s Guide: Body Image book from American Girl goes all-in on the trans agenda. “If you haven’t gone through puberty yet, the doctor might offer medicine to delay your body’s changes, giving you more time to think about your gender identity. You can appreciate your body for everything it allows you to experience and still want to change certain things about it,” it reads.
  • “Gone are the days when American Girl taught girls about history and femininity. Now they’re encouraging our daughters to hate their bodies, halt their puberty, & cut off their breasts in the name of ‘self-love,” wrote conservative commentator Allie Beth Stuckey.