Parkinson’s Doctor Suggests Biden Has ‘Classic Features Of Neurodegeneration’

President Joe Biden holds a card handed to him by an aide that reads "Sir, there is something on your chin" to take notes as he meets with governors to discuss ongoing efforts to strengthen wildfire prevention, preparedness and response efforts, and hear firsthand about the ongoing impacts of the 2021 wildfire season in the South Court Auditorium in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on the White House Campus in Washington, Friday, July 30, 2021. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

A New York-based neurologist who specializes in treating Parkinson’s disease suggested Monday that President Biden is exhibiting “classic features of neurodegeneration” as speculation swirls about his political future.

Dr. Tom Pitts made his assessment based on Biden’s public appearances, while the White House faced questions about why another Parkinson’s expert visited the executive mansion eight times in an eight-month stretch last year and early this year.

“I could have diagnosed him from across the mall,” Pitts told NBC News Now’s “Top Story with Tom Llamas.”

“I’m a Democrat, it’s just like — this guy is not a hard case,” he added. “I see him 20 times a day in clinic.”

“He has the classic features of neurodegeneration, word-finding difficulties, and that’s not, ‘Oh, I couldn’t find the word,’ that’s from degeneration of the word retrieval area,” Pitts explained, referring to Biden.

The doctor also noted the president’s “shuffling gait … so little steps. Loss of arm swing from the rigidity…and end-block turning, meaning he kind of pivots around his foot.”

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