PELOSI: ‘Am I A B*tch?’

  • Nancy Pelosi asked a blunt question about herself during a tense phone call with former Vice President Mike Pence in 2020, according to a new documentary.
  • Pelosi was on a call with Pence about the Trump administration’s COVID-19 pandemic response when she turned and asked her documentary filmmaker daughter Alexandra: “Am I a b****?”
  • “What is the point of this call,” Alexandra asked Nancy with the video camera during the call, according to footage reviewed by Politico Playbook.
  • “They’re checking a box,” Nancy quipped. She was doing laundry and other chores while tending to the call with Pence. At one point, Nancy unmuted herself and chided, “This has been a useful exchange.” Later, she muted herself and asked Alexandra, “Am I a b****?”
  • The exchange took place during a 2020 congressional recess and is featured in Alexandra’s documentary Pelosi in the House, which is set to hit HBO Tuesday at 9 p.m.
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