Post Office Warns People Not to Use Its Mail Boxes Due To Theft

  • The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has warned people not to use its blue boxes on specific dates. It particularly warned about the chances of theft from these on Sundays and holidays. It raises the question of why USPS bothers to keep these boxes, which must be expensive to service at all.
  • The USPS’s warning suggested how people dodge the trouble. “If customers simply used retail service or inside wall drop slots to send their U.S. Mail, instead of depositing it to sit outside overnight or through the weekend, blue collection boxes would not be as enticing after business hours to mail thieves for identity theft and check-washing schemes.”
  • As a solution, people should go to their local post office or put mail in boxes after the last dispatch time. It is a complicated way to decide when to mail a letter. It is also inconvenient.